European Journal of Plant Pathology Обновлено 15.11.2012


 European Journal of Plant Pathology  Обновлено 15.11.2012

European Journal of Plant Pathology

Год: 1895-2012

Автор: Michael J. Jeger (Editor-in-Chief)

Жанр: Ботаника

Издательство: Springer

ISSN: 0929-1873 (Print), 1573-8469 (Online)

Язык: Нидерландский/Английский

Формат: PDF

Качество: Отсканированные страницы + OCR / Изначально компьютерное (eBook)

Описание: Журналы публикует работы по фундаментальной и прикладной патологии растений, в том числе по ботанической бактериологии, микологии и вирусологии.-Journal owned by the KNPV (The Royal Netherlands Society of Plant Pathology).

Associated with the European Foundation for Plant Pathology but with a global remit.

Editor-in-Chief: Professor Mike Jeger, Imperial College London, Silwood Park campus.

An Editorial Board with representation from 16 European and non-European countries.

Presents all aspects of plant pathology research from molecular aspects of host-pathogen interaction to epidemiology and disease management, with particular emphasis on experimental approaches; and also following prior discussion with the Editor-in-Chief, mini-reviews on topical issues.

Offers "Special Issues" on coherent themes often arising from International Conferences.

Covers all plant pathogenic organisms: viruses and virus like organisms (and their vectors); procaryotes; oomycetes, fungi, nematodes and parasitic plants.

The European Journal of Plant Pathology is an international journal that publishes original research articles dealing with fundamental and applied aspects of plant pathology. Thus, in addition to bacteriological, mycological, and virological topics, entomological, nematological and plant protection studies in general are also included.

1895 г.:

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2012 г.:

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Volumes 1-134

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