ExtremeTech - Wilson J., Tittel E., Wright M., Korelc J. - Hacking MythTV


Hacking MythTV

Год выпуска: 2006

Автор: Jarod Wilson, Ed Tittel, Matthew Wright, Justin Korelc / Джаред Вилсон, Эд Тител, Мэтью Райт, Джастин Корелк

Жанр: Работа с ПК

Издательство: Wiley

Серия: ExtremeTech

ISBN: 0470037873, 978-0470037874

Формат: PDF

Качество: OCR с ошибками

Количество страниц: 436

Язык: английский

Описание: Want control? Build your own MythTV PC.

You don't do stuff like this to cut corners. You do it because you want what you want?and because it's fun. And a personalized MythTV is so much more than a PVR. You can combine HDTV, DVD, all kinds of music, radio, photos, even a plug-in videophone module. All you need is a little Linux know-how, assorted software components and plug-ins, an adventurous nature, and this book to tell you how it all goes together. Voil?he entertainment hub of your dreams.

Learn to do all this and much more:

-Choose HD capture cards and sound drivers.

-Install and configure MythTV.

-Build your program guides.

-Use xine to add DVD menu support.

-Pass raw digital streams to an external decoder.

-Do cool things with your remote control.

-Hack your own themes.

-Export MythTV .nuv recordings to other formats.

A companion Web site provides even more of the know-how you need.

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