Hammersley B. - Hacking GMail


Hammersley B. - Hacking GMail

Hacking GMail

Год: 2006

Автор: Ben Hammersley

Язык: Английский

Издательство: Wiley

ISBN: 076459611X

Формат: PDF

Качество: eBook (изначально компьютерное)

Описание: The first book to unlock the true power behind Gmail, Hacking Gmail will immediately appeal to Google and Gmail fans. This is serious, down-and-dirty, under-the-hood, code-level hacking that will have readers eliminating the default settings, customizing appearance, disabling advertising, and taking control over their Gmail accounts. Covers turning Gmail into an online hard drive for backing up files, using it as a blogging tool, and even creating customized Gmail tools and hacks. Shows readers how to check their Gmail without visiting the site; use Gmail APIs in Perl, Python, PHP, and other languages, or create their own; and maximize Gmail as a host for message boards, photo galleries, even a blog.

Part I: Starting to Use Gmail

Chapter 1: Desktop Integration

Chapter 2: Integrating Your Existing Mail

Chapter 3: Gmail Power Tips

Part II: Getting Inside Gmail

Chapter 4: Skinning Gmail

Chapter 5: How Gmail Works

Chapter 6: Gmail and Greasemonkey

Chapter 7: Gmail Libraries

Chapter 8: Checking for Mail

Chapter 9: Reading Mail

Chapter 10: Sending Mail

Part III: Conquering Gmail

Chapter 11: Dealing with Labels

Chapter 12: Addressing Addresses

Chapter 13: Building an API from the HTML-Only Version of Gmail

Chapter 14: Exporting Your Mail

Chapter 15: Using Gmail to

Chapter 16: Using GmailFS