Yilmaz M. - OpenCart 1.4 Beginner's Guide


Yilmaz M. - OpenCart 1.4 Beginner's Guide

OpenCart 1.4 Beginner's Guide

Год: 2010

Автор: Murat Yilmaz

Издательство: Packt Publishing

ISBN: 1849513023, 978-1849513029

Язык: Английский

Формат: PDF

Качество: Изначально компьютерное (eBook)

Количество страниц: 240

Описание: Build and manage professional online shopping stores easily using OpenCart.

Develop a professional, easy-to-use, attractive online store and shopping cart solution using OpenCart that meets today's modern e-commerce standards

Easily integrate your online store with one of the more popular payment gateways like PayPal and shipping methods such as UPS and USPS

Provide coupon codes, discounts, and wholesale options for your customers to increase demand on your online store

With hands-on examples, step-by-step explanations, and illustrations

In Detail

OpenCart is a popular open source shopping cart solution and provides elegantly written tools to establish a fully functional online store from scratch in a very short time with intuitive screens. It can be a difficult task for beginners to go beyond the basics and apply all the features, which they will require for their businesses.

This practical book gives you hands-on experience on using and managing OpenCart, helping you start feature-rich, professional online stores easily. It also teaches you how to organize your online store effectively in terms of products, payments, shipping, orders, and customer relations.

OpenCart 1.4 Beginner's Guide will teach you how to build a store that can take control of all the online shopping needs. You will be able to run multiple shops in a single installation. You will learn how to set up products and correctly organize in categories. You will correctly integrate a payment gateway and shipping method after reading the comparisons and applying the examples. You will learn how to define taxes and apply them according to the geolocation of a customer. This book also teaches you how to manage orders and customers. You can impress your customers and increase the availability of the website to more people with the help of this practical guide. Additionally, the book also teaches you how to use design templates and apply SEO (search engine optimization) to make the store more visible for search engine queries.

Explore OpenCart-build robust shopping websites with high-level functionality.

What you will learn from this book

Install OpenCart correctly, explore different online store organization models, and choose the one that suits your needs

Create categories, products, product options, and assign their advanced parameters

Manage taxes with geo zones and link them to products

Configure store settings, including welcome message, currencies, languages, modules, themes, SEO links, and so on

Different payment models, including Bank Transfer, PayPal, Cash on Delivery, Money order, Authorize.net, and so on

Enable one or more shipping methods, including free, flat rate, weight-based, per item, UPS, and USPS

Apply product discounts, create coupon codes, set special prices for sales in bulk

Manage orders and change statuses, print invoices, and so on

Grouping and managing customers, sending e-mail newsletters and managing OpenCart administration panel with multiple users with different permission levels

Localize your online store by adding new languages and currencies, and correctly upgrade current OpenCart system


This is a tutorial-style book that follows a practical approach to demonstrate the potential of OpenCart. The book is suitable for those who have basic computer skills. Written with a fast-paced but friendly and engaging approach, this Packt Beginner's Guide is designed to be placed alongside the computer as your guide and mentor. Step-by-step tutorials are complemented with explanations of the reasoning behind what you are doing. You will quickly pick up the necessary skills, tips and tricks for building a successful OpenCart online store with practical examples that helps you to learn by experiment and play.

Who this book is written for

This book is aimed at individuals who want to develop professional online stores without any hands-on programming experience, and clients/non-developers who will be managing their inventory and processing orders through the backend.

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