David Powers - Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5


David Powers - Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5

Designing and Developing for Mobile with jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3 - Studio Techniques

Год: 2011

Автор: David Powers

Жанр: WEB Design

Издательство: Adobe Press

ISBN: 978-0-321-77325-8

Язык: Английский

Формат: PDF

Качество: Отсканированные страницы

Интерактивное оглавление: Нет

Количество страниц: 294

Описание: Don't be fooled. Although the .5 might give the impression that Dreamweaver CS5.5 is a point release. it's anything but. Dreamweaver engineers have packed a stunning amount of new features into this version. To mention just a few, there's code hinting for the popular jQueryJavaScript library, the ability to see what pages will look like at different screen resolutions without leaving the Document window, support for jQuery Mobile widgets, and integration of l’honeGap to build native apps for Android or iOS (the operating system used in the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch). The emphasis in Dreamweaver CS5.5 is firmly on mobile development and designing for multiple screens. but that’s not all. There's improved support for HTML5 and CSS3, including tools to simplify the creation of rounded corners and drop shadows without images. Previous versions of Dreamweaver supported only a limited range of CSS selectors. Live view now supports them all. Oh yes. Dreamweaver CS5.5 supports web fonts, too. There’s a lot to absorb, and this book aims to guide you through all the new features with the help of three case studies. The first one centers on redesigning a website for display on desktops, tablets, and smartphones using HTML5, CSS3, and media queries. The second takes a cutdown version of the same site and builds a dedicated mobile version using jQuery Mobile, a sophisticatedjavascript and CSS framework designed to work consistently on all major mobile platforms. The final case study develops a simple app that stores information in a database, accesses a mobile phone's GPS sensor, and displays a map.

Section I Dreamweaver CS5.5 1

Chapter I Dreamweaver Goes Mobile 3

Assessing HTML5 and CSS3 6

Using HTML5 and CSS3 with Dreamweaver CS5.5 14

Developing for Multiple Devices 27

Section II HTML5 and CSS3 69

Chapter 2 Progressive Enhancement with HTML5 and CSS3 29

Improving an Existing Site 31

Sacrificing a Uniform Look 68

Chapter 3 Adapting Pages for Mobile with

Media Queries 7

Understanding Media Queries 73

Adapting the Tozai Hotel Site 82

Assessing Media Queries 115

Chapter 4 Making Your Site Available Offline 1 17

How Otfline Sites Work 118

Making the Tozai Hotel Site Available Otfline 124

Going Offline 138

Section III jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap 139

Chapter 5 Introducing in jQuery Mobile 141

Creating a Basic Site with jQuery Mobile 143

Building on a Solid Foundation 173

Chapter 6 Diving Deeper into jQuery Mobile 175

A Guide to jQ_uery Mobile Custom Data Attributes 1'77

Rapid Deployment with jQuery Mobile Widgets 188

Case Snidy: Creating a Reservation Form 207

Submitting a Form and Displaying the Response 216

Getting Your Hands Dirty with Code 218

Chapter 7 Building a Native App with PhoneGap 219

Setting Up PhoneGap in Dreamweaver 221

Case Study: A Travel Notes App 230

Going Further 270