Photodex - Photodex Proshow Producer 5 Manual / Руководство по Photodex Proshow Producer 5


Photodex - Photodex Proshow Producer 5 Manual / Руководство по Photodex Proshow Producer 5

Photodex Proshow Producer 5 Manual / Руководство по Photodex Proshow Producer 5

Год: 2012

Автор: Photodex

Жанр: Учебная литература

Издательство: Photodex

ISBN: Не существует

Язык: Английский

Формат: PDF

Качество: Изначально компьютерное (eBook)

Интерактивное оглавление: Да

Количество страниц: 673

Описание: Это руководство пользователя от корпорации Photodex к программному пакету Proshow Producer Version 5, предназначенному для создания слайд-шоу профессионального уровня.

Версия 5 Proshow Producer существенно отличается от предшественницы. В нее добавлены сотни новых функций и произведено полное изменение интерфейса.

Руководство пользователя организовано так, что может служить учебником для начинающих и справочником для опытных пользователей программного пакета Proshow Producer Version 5.

Table of Contents

Quick Reference Guide

1. Welcome to ProShow

Creating Professional Shows with Ease

Making Shows Your Way

2. Getting Started

Making a Simple Show from Start to Finish

Make a Show Right Away

Begin With Basics

Playing a Slideshow

Working Counter-Clockwise

Pick a Transition Effect

Adding Effects to Your Images

Customizing Slides

Share Information with Text

Round Out a Show with Audio

Using Undo and Redo

Save Your Show

Publish and Share Your Show

3. The Three Workspaces

Every Tool at Your Fingertips

Common Workspace Elements

The Build Workspace

The Design Workspace

The Publish Workspace

Optional Workspace Elements

Customizing the Workspaces

4. Show Options

The Foundation of a Show

Locating the Show Options

What You Can Do with Show Options

Show Settings


Show Background

The Show Soundtrack

Additional Show Options

New Show Basics

5. Understanding ProShow

ProShow Explained

What's in a Show

Slide Order and Timing

Working in the Slide Options Window

How ProShow Uses Files

6. The Wizard

Slideshows Made Even Easier

Using the Wizard

Remixing Slides

Wizard Themes

7. Effects

Bringing Slides to Life

Types of Effects

Applying Effects

Managing and Creating Effects

8. Layers

How ProShow Works with Images

Every Image or Video is a Layer

Layers Stack

Layers are Interchangeable

Adding Layers to a Slide

Using the Layers List

Slide Background

Making Changes to a Layer

Layer Settings

Layer Editing and Adjustments

Layer Effects

Layers and Transparency

Gradient and Solid Color Layers

9. Video Layers

Slideshows Aren't Just for Images

Working with Video

Customizing Video in your Show

10. Captions

Creating and Working with Text

Captions Start as Text

Creating a Title Slide

Precisely Positioning Captions

Using Caption Behaviors

Caption Styles

The Captions List

Caption Setup

Creating a Vertical Caption

Caption Effects

Using Texture on Captions

Caption Macros

Caption Interactivity

11. Music and Sound Effects

Making a Show for the Senses

Audio Files Supported

Adding Music to your Show

Adding Sound Effects to your Slides

Syncing Music to a Show

Controlling Soundtrack Volume

Setting Soundtrack Offset Times

Precisely Controlling Slide Sounds

Adding Narration to Slides

Editing Music and Sounds in ProShow

Making Audio Changes using the Timeline

Crossfading Audio Tracks

Controlling Slide Sounds in the Timeline

Syncing Audio to a Beat

Saving Music From CD

12. Slide Styles

Using Slide Styles

Understanding the Style Options

Applying Styles to Multiple Slides

Where to Get More Styles

Making Changes after Applying a Style

Creating Your Own Styles

Undoing a Slide Style

Managing Slide Styles

Replacing or Updating Styles

Styles as a Training Tool

Preserving Styles

Slide Style PXS Files & Structure

What Doesn't Get Applied By a Style

Styles and Timing

Styles and the Show Aspect Ratio

13. Transitions

The Art of Getting from Slide to Slide

Using Transitions

Random Transitions

Managing Transitions

Creating Your Own Transitions3

Using the Create Transition Window

14. Motion

Bring Slides to Life

The Fundamentals of Motion

Motion and Time

Getting to the Motion Effects

The Effects Preview

Creating Motion Quickly

Using the Preview to Set Motion

Previewing Your Motion

Motion Settings

Motion and Layers

Copying Motion

Matching Motion

Motion Speed

Removing Motion

Randomizing Motion

Motion and Captions

Bringing Captions to Life

Other Caption Motion Options

Motion and Keyframing

Motion and Modifiers

15. Masks & Adjustment Layers

Creatively Controlling How Layers Appear

Masking and Producer

Traditional Masking

Using Masking in Producer

Masks Are Not Visible

Indentifying Masks in the Layers List

Masks and the Preview

Creating Masking Layers

The Two Types of Masks

Grayscale Masking

Transparency Masking

Using Motion, Editing, and Effects with Masks

Using Videos or Animations as Masks

Masking Versus Borders and Frames

Practical Applications for Masking

Adjustment Layers

The Two Types of Adjustment Layers

Grayscale Adjustments Layers

Transparency Adjustment Layers

16. Keyframing

What is Keyframing?

The History of Keyframing

How to Think In Keyframes

Where Keyframes Are Used

Understanding the Keyframing Interface

The Keyframe Previews

Keyframe Timeline

Keyframe Selector Ribbon

Keyframe Indicators

Effects Values

The Keyframe Toolbar

Additional Keyframing Tools

Creating Keyframes

Selecting Keyframes

Editing and Adjusting Keyframes

Keyframes and Layer Visibility

Keyframes and Caption Visibility

Layer Transitions

Caption Behaviors and Keyframing

Previewing Keyframe Effects

Auto and Manual Keyframe Settings

Temporary Keyframes

A Practical Example of Keyframing with Motion

A Practical Example of Keyframing with Adjustments

A Practical Example of Keyframing with Captions

17. Modifiers

Working with Modifiers

What is a Modifier?

What Can Be Modified?

Creating Actions for Modifiers

The Waveform Preview

The Keyframe Timeline

The Value Bar

The Waveform

Example: "Layer Tag"

Example: "The Dog Shake"

Advanced Modifier Features

Why Copy Modifiers?

18. Creating Output for Television

Making Discs for Television and PC

Creating Disc Output

Making Your Disc

Making a Menu

Choosing What Goes on your Disc

Including an Executable

Advanced Options

Burning Options

19. Creating Video Output

Publishing Your Shows as Videos

Creating Video for Web, Devices & Computers

Creating a Custom Video File

20. Creating Output for the Web

Getting Your Shows Online

Sharing Shows on Facebook

Announcing Shows on Twitter

Sharing Shows Using YouTube

Sharing Shows with SmugMug

Sharing Shows with Vimeo

The ProShow Gallery

Putting Shows on Your Own Page

Publishing to Flash

Presenter Shows

What is Presenter?

21. Creating Output for the PC

Watching Shows on your Computer

Options for PC Output

Creating an Executable

Menus and Multiple Shows


Unique Settings for Executable Output

Live Shows

Creating an Autorun Disc

Creating a Screen Saver

Creating an E-mail Show

Capturing Still Frames

Accessing all Publishing Formats

22. Creating Show Menus

First Impressions

Getting Started

Creating a Menu

Menus as Interactive Pages

Creating a Custom Menu

Creating Additional Pages

Adding Shows to a Page

Setting Menu Captions

Interactivity Makes Menus

Saving Custom Menus

Saving Themes and Layouts

23. Color Profiles

Professional Color Quality

How Color Profiles are Used

Using Color Profiles

24. Templates and Projects

Work Smart, Not Hard

Shows are Quick with Templates

Using Projects

25. Copy, Paste, and Save Time

Nearly Everything Can Be Copied

Copying Slides

Copying Slide Styles

Copying Layers and Captions

Copying Settings

Copying Everything

26. Configuring ProShow: Preferences

Customizing ProShow

Adjusting the Look and Feel of ProShow

Changing the Way ProShow Behaves

Changing Show Defaults

27. Getting Help with ProShow

Call or E-mail Photodex

Reporting a Problem

Checking for Upgrades8

Downloading Extra Content

Keyboard Shortcuts

Predefined Text Macros

Supported File Types

Supported Output Formats

Supported Input Formats

Video Codecs

RAW Files

Appendix 1

ProShow and Windows 7

Installing ProShow on Windows 7

End User License Agreement