Richard Kelly, Brett Weldele - Southland Tales: The prequel saga / Сказки юга: предыстория


Richard Kelly, Brett Weldele - Southland Tales: The prequel saga / Сказки юга: предыстория

Southland Tales: The prequel saga / Сказки юга: предыстория [2006, ENG]

Год выпуска: 2006-2007

Автор: Richard Kelly, Brett Weldele

Жанр: Графический роман, комикс, фантастика

Издательство: Graphitti Designs

Качество: Отсканированные страницы

Язык: : Английский

Формат: cbr


Southland Tales Book 1: Two Roads Diverge (12 июля 2006, 96 страниц)

Southland Tales Book 2: Fingerprints (1 сентября 2006, 112 страниц)

Southland Tales Book 3: The Mechanicals (4 февраля 2007, 128 страниц)


Коротко по-русски: Графический роман "Сказки юга" является предысторией одноименного фильма. Автор комикса, он же режиссер фильма, Ричард Келли изначально планировал создать что-то вроде интерактивного проекта, издав 6 выпусков комикса, а затем выпустив фильм, завершающий всю историю. В итоге концепция несколько поменялась и графический роман вышел в трех частях. Однако его прочтение значительно способствует пониманию фильма и настоятельно рекомендуется к прочтению до просмотра.

Описание на английском:

Southland Tales: The Prequel Saga is a compilation of graphic novels written in conjunction with the film Southland Tales. The graphic novels featured are the first half of the Southland Tales story (Two Roads Diverge, Fingerprints and The Mechanicals). The novels were written by Richard Kelly - who also directed the film and illustrated by Brett Weldele. The compilation graphic novel was published by Graphitti Designs.

Southland Tales Book 1: Two Roads Diverge

June 30 2008. One of the world's most famous actors has disappeared. Boxer Santaros awakens deep in the Nevada desert... alone, stricken with amnesia. He is rescued by a drifter named Fortunio Balducci, only to discover that the world around him has suddenly changed. America now stands on the brink of social, economic and environmental disaster... approaching the three-year anniversary of dual nuclear attacks on Texas soil. As Boxer struggles to regain his memory, his paths cross with a mysterious adult film star named Krysta now at the Nevada/California state line. Krysta reveals her psychic abilities to Boxer in the form of a prophetic screenplay that foreshadows the apocalypse...

Southland Tales Book 2: Fingerprints

July 1 2008. Ronald Taverner awakens on a houseboat on Lake Mead, Nevada... stricken with amnesia. He soon discovers that he is involved in a conspiracy to kidnap and impersonate his twin brother Roland... a police officer from Hermosa Beach, California. Roland discovers that his brother has ties to a neo-Marxist extremist group. He is quickly dispatched on a top secret mission with an escort named Zora Charmichaels, armed with a mysterious drug manufactured by the Treer Corporation. Meanwhile... Boxer Santaros, Krysta Now and Fortunio Balducci have arrived in the city of Palmdale, following the clues hidden in a prophetic screenplay called The Power.

Southland Tales Book 3: The Mechanicals

July 2 2008. The search for Boxer Santaros has reached up into the highest levels of national security. His mother-in-law, Nana Mae Frost, is the wife of the Republican vice-presidential candidate... Texas senator Bobby Frost. Nana Mae is the former deputy director of the NSA, and she has recently been named head of US-Ident... a colossal think tank formed under the protection of the Patriot Act. Us-Ident has just opened its first surveillance facility in downtown Los Angeles, as the Republicans race to secure the state of California for the first time in many years. Meanwhile, Ronald Taverner has begun preparations for his role in a dangerous game of political extortion instigated by the neo-Marxists. He is haunted by a recurring dream that could unlock the key to a top secret scientific experiment.

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